They are remarkable characteristics of the extra virgin olive oils that are obtained in Campo de Montiel and, therefore, directly related to the geographical medium, among others.

  • The high content of fatty acids in olives and their high extractability
  • The high percentages of oleic acids and polyphenols antioxidants that give the oils a lot of stability in the face of rancidity and deterioration due to oxidation.
  • Bitterness and itching, positive attributes of oils, present according to organoleptic evaluation of oils made in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 campaigns by the Oils Tasting Panel Regional of Castilla-La Mancha in notable values, included Specifications of the D.O. Campo de Montiel Oil 42 for the bitterness between 3 and 6 and for the itch between 3,4 and 6,3 and whose results bulletins appear in Annex V.



The packaging of stored oils and, in order to safeguard the quality and ensure traceability and control, will be carried out in the area geographical area, it being equally necessary to comply with the other stipulations on the matter, regulated in Article 21 of the Regulations of the side. Campo de Montiel Oil and its Association for the Promotion collected in Annex IV.


General description

The olives will be harvested in the optimum state of maturity for each variety, recommending the collection by means of vibrators and milking

It will be obligatory to separate the fruits harvested from the tree from the olives fallen to the ground; the latter will be caught immediately after falling and will constitute separate items from those collected from the tree.

General prohibitions

  • The late pickings whose olives produce low quality oils.
  • The mixture of soil olives with flying olives.
  • The storage of olives in the farm in piles or "trojes" and sacks. They can not spend more than 24 hours between the harvesting of the fruit and its delivery in an oil mill.
  • The collection of olives, in plots where phytosanitary treatments have been carried out, that do not respect the safety deadlines, established by the manufacturer and by the competent agronomic technical services authorized by the Regulatory Council.



The municipalities included in the production area of ​​the D.O. Aceite Campo de Montiel are those that are cited below and are listed in Annex II, along with its total area (ha) and that dedicated to the olive grove: San Carlos del Valle, Membrilla, Santa Cruz de Mudela, La Solana, Valdepeñas, Almuradiel , Viso del Marqués, San Lorenzo de Calatrava, Albaladejo, Alcubillas, Alhambra, Almedina, Carrizosa, Castellar de Santiago, Cózar, Fuenllana, Montiel, Puebla del Príncipe, Santa Cruz de los Cañamos, Terrinches, Torre de Juan Abad, Torrenueva, Villahermosa , Villamanrique, Villanueva de la Fuente and Villanueva de los Infantes.

The delimited area has a total area of ​​454,089 ha and an area dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees of 49,498 hectares, which represents more than 13% of the total destined for agrarian uses in the region whose crops are marked by extreme weather conditions, low rainfall and poor soils They are olive groves that register low yields being the productive average between the 1997/98 and 2001/02 seasons of 12 kilograms of olives per olive tree.


Descripción general

The percentages that are outlined refer exclusively to the proportion of olive trees of each variety present in the area.

The local variety is an endemic variety of the area that is not collected in the Germplasm Bank of Córdoba and that has been named in the studies carried out by the Association.

The olives destined to obtain oils from the D.O. Campo de Montiel oil, must have a maturity index - only in a tree sample -, between values ​​of 3 and 5.

Physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of Campo de Montiel oils

Oils of the D.O. Campo de Montiel oil should have the qualification of "extra virgin". In terms of organoleptic score, the median of defects will be equal to zero (= 0) and the fruit median equal to or greater than two and a half points (≥ 2.5).

The maximum acidity (% oleic acid) will be 0.5 º. Maximum peroxide value of 15 m.e.q. of active oxygen per kilogram of oil. In oils previously certified for the campaign that remain in the cellar until the date of packaging, it will be accepted that the peroxide index can reach the maximum figure of 18 m.e.q. of active oxygen per kilogram of oil.

Absorbance of ultraviolet radiation:

K270 ≤ 0,20

K232 ≤ 2,50

The sum of humidity and impurities must be ≤ 0.1%

The oils covered by the D.O. Aceite Campo de Montiel will present considerable intensities of fruity, highlighted bitter and spicy, with nuances of the Cornicabra and Picual varieties, and to a lesser extent, apple, almond, etc., typical of other varieties. They will be balanced oils, with maintenance of a uniform and proportional line, both in the fruit and in the intensities of bitter and spicy.


The fruity attribute of olives (green or ripe) is present in all the oils of Campo de Montiel. The nuances of fruity are green or ripe depending on the harvest time of the olive, both of which can be present simultaneously.

The oils made at the beginning of December, from picual olives, or the oils obtained from cornicabra olives at the end of the same month, have mainly fruity greens, Specifications of the D.O. Campo de Montiel Oil 9 turning to ripe fruit as the harvest progresses, until the end of January.

LThe fruity greens of the Campo de Montiel oils are distinguished by a characteristic green leaf smell or even tomato plant, recovering in the mouth and on the nose the green leaf notes. The nuances of other fruits should also be present in the Campo de Montiel oils.


Bitterness is a characteristic attribute of Campo de Montiel oils, present in them with medium high intensity.

Hot spicy

Campo de Montiel oils evolve in the mouth towards spicy.

Other flavors

The oils of Campo de Montiel present, on occasion, in a perceptible way, other flavors such as green or ripe almond, fig, tomato, banana and artichoke.


The color varies, depending on the time of collection and the situation.

Study carried out by the Higher Technical School of Agronomists of Albacete

Study carried out on samples of oil from 20 oil mills in the zone indicates that they have very low values ​​of the parameters of physico-chemical quality considered (acidity ≤ 0,8º, peroxide index ≤ 20 meq O2 / kg, K270 ≤ 0, 20; K232 ≤ 2.5), all of them being classified as "extra virgin". The parameters of regulated physical-chemical quality applied to virgin olive oil are penalized, so that low values ​​of them indicate high quality of the product, and vice versa. These values ​​confirm the high quality of olive oils in the study area.

In addition, the study highlights the high content of oleic acid and stearic acid, and low content of linoleic acid, palmitic acid and linolenic acid of the olive oils analyzed.

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