They are remarkable characteristics of the extra virgin olive oils that are obtained in Campo de Montiel and, therefore, directly related to the geographical medium, among others.

  • The high content of fatty acids in olives and their high extractability
  • The high percentages of oleic acids and polyphenols antioxidants that give the oils a lot of stability in the face of rancidity and deterioration due to oxidation.
  • Bitterness and itching, positive attributes of oils, present according to organoleptic evaluation of oils made in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 campaigns by the Oils Tasting Panel Regional of Castilla-La Mancha in notable values, included Specifications of the D.O. Campo de Montiel Oil 42 for the bitterness between 3 and 6 and for the itch between 3,4 and 6,3 and whose results bulletins appear in Annex V.

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